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Con Edison is currently offering generous funds to replace steam traps through authorized market partners. National Grid has rebates as well. Reach out to us to take advantage of these funds as long as they are available.


Inadequate steam traps can be a source of energy loss, system failure, and compliance issues. We are the premier place to turn to for New York building operators in need of assistance.


We expertly inspect your units and tend to all your maintenance needs. Our skilled staff utilizes the most advanced technologies to comprehensively review your entire system.


Whether in need of inspection, repair or replacement, we offer quick and seamless service and handle all documentation so that your steam traps are no longer a burden to bear.

Full Steam Trap Servicing
Let’s face it: steam traps can be a source of constant frustration, and inevitably require maintenance. Steam Trap NYC takes the entire headache of your hands and handles every detail with excellence and expertise so that you can focus on what you do best.
Repairs and Replacements
Steam traps that are FO (Faulty Open) or FC (Faulty Closed) can significantly increase energy costs, prevent proper heating and cause lasting system damage. As leading specialists in this field, we will provide the necessary fixes; whether they are internal repairs or full trap replacements.
Routine Inspections & Maintenance
Steam Trap NYC employs ultrasound and infrared cameras, other technologies to inspect steam traps for potential problems. Our inspections team will create a detailed breakdown of the status of all traps throughout your heating system and detect when a failing trap begins passing steam or backing up condensate.
Apartment Accessibility
With tens of thousands of inspections under our belt we are adept at dealing with tenants’ and their privacy in a delicate, non-intrusive and friendly manner. No need to badger tenants for access; the Steam Trap NYC team has got you covered.
Compliance and Paperwork
Our office will put together detailed compliance reports to be shared with your Local Law 87 and Local Law 97 auditor. We will file the necessary paperwork and provide an itemized breakdown of all inspected traps for future use, as well as create a planned routine for maintenance.